Primosole orange marmalade

Primosole orange marmalade


Primosole blood orange marmalade has a golden, compact, pulpy colour and a fruity aroma. The taste is delicate and persistent, with a pasty structure that contains traces of the flesh.

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Primosole orange marmalade has a golden color, compact, fleshy and a fruity scent. The taste is delicate and persistent, with a pasty structure that contains traces of the flesh. The fruits come from organic crop.

Rich in vitamin C, blood oranges increase the body’s resistance against various chemical, physical and environmental agents, especially in winter. They increase immune defences against viruses and bacteria, prevent cardiovascular diseases and have an anti-stress effect.


Ingredients: Oranges 70% (from organic crop), Sugar 30%, Lemon juice.

Primosole blood orange marmalade is made with the use of 3 ingredients: blood oranges strictly selected and in season, sugar and lemon juice, the only natural preservative. Our farm not used the gelling agents, preservatives, acidity correctors or colourings.

As soon as they are picked from the tree, the fruits from organic crops are taken to the artisan's laboratory for processing. The seeds are cleaned, cut and removed.

Once ready, the jam is placed in jars, when the product has cooled down, the jars are removed from the kettles, cleaned and finally labeled.

Keep the Primosole blood orange marmalade away from heat sources and direct sunlight, once opened store in the refrigerator.

The words jam and marmalades are often used as synonyms, but in reality they have two fundamentally different meanings:

  • marmalade is a preserve made from citrus fruits and sugar, where the fruits make up at least 20% of the total weight of the preparation;
  • jam is a preserves prepared with any other fruit, not with citrus fruit.